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About Rich Soil Organics

Established in 2017, Rich Soil Organics produces a line of premium Luxury Organic Cannabis products cultivated in beautiful YOLO County California. Grown on the organic farms of Northern California, All our products are lab tested to insure delivery of the highest quality products for patients and cannabis connoisseurs.

At Rich Soil Organics,our carefully crafted cannabis concentrates are created through innovative ethanol extraction and distillation technology. In 2017 Cannabis Science Conference declared ethanol the most efficient extraction process in the market. Our cutting edge technology takes place at sub freezing temperatures, rendering the  resulting cannabis extract free from undesired fats, lipids, chlorophyll etc. The purity of product allows for safe, effective and recreational application.

Rich Soil Organics Products include Flower, Extracts and Merchandise delivering you the ultimate Premium Luxury Cannabis Lifestyle experiences!

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